Book Review: One by Jennifer L. Cahill

Follow the lives of five twenty-somethings as they try to make their lives in a pre-internet London.

My Rating:- 3.5/5

No. of Pages: 356
Published By: Clink Street Publishing
Genre: Chick-lit, Romance, Contemporary Fiction
Book Type: Kindle edition

One? by Jennifer L. Cahill is such a fun read. The book quite literally takes you through the lives of a group of youngsters as they try to make sense of life in London before the dawn of social media. The main theme of the book talks about dating and about finding the “one”. It is a book about finding love and about friendship.

Before going into the plot, let us take a minute and talk about the cover, shall we? I love book covers that catch your eye as soon as you look at it. The cover features a black map of London with the red silhouette of a man and woman. It gives you an idea about what the plot is about. The cover designer did a brilliant job with this one. I love it!

The plot revolves around a few main characters. Zara is a young college graduate who moves to London for her new job. Due to a misunderstanding, she meets up with ex-university friends Penelope and Charlie with whom she lands up sharing a flat with. Penelope is a twenty-eight year old with a successful career but who is looking for love, and Charlie is in a band that is barely making a hit. In a chance encounter, Penelope meets charming lawyer Alyx with whom she shares a special past and Richard who moves down from Scotland in search for the “one” for him.

I absolutely love the friendship that blossoms between Zara and Penelope. As someone who is closer to Zara’s age, I can relate to every single thing that she goes through in the book. I love who Penelope takes her under her wing and teaches her the way of life in the bustling city. I love how relatable each and every scenario is that our main characters go through.

Set in the early or mid-2000s the book brings back the memories of a time where we had no internet or smartphones. Where we needed a map and a telephone book in order to get around. Where in order to meet someone you had to actually go out of your house and interact with one another. It brought back fond memeories of time that is unimaginable now.

The first in a trilogy, I am really looking forward to the rest of the series.

You can find the book for purchase here:
Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble

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